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Petra is a theatre director who has worked across a diversity of projects on independent, community, education, commercial and main stages. Her fluidity in navigating these sectors has enabled her to bring fresh insights and innovative approaches to each project she undertakes. As Associate Director of Melbourne Theatre Company, Petra directed and workshopped a number of works, successfully attracting new audiences. Prior to MTC, Petra was the Artistic Director of Union House Theatre. There she played a pivotal role in mentoring, supporting and presenting theatre works crafted by students, many of whom have since flourished in their careers. As co-Artistic Director of Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, Petra worked with various communities using their personal stories as a means to foster connection and social cohesion. Petra is a Churchill Fellowship Recipient. She traveled to the United States, United Kingdom and Chile in 2024 where she researched community engaged/led theatre in professional theatre company settings.